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If you’re a fan of video games, you may be familiar with the HyperX Headphones. GameStop heavily promotes them. They are very affordable with a tag ranging between $50 and $80, depending on your region, applicable tax bracket and so on and so forth. For that price, one would think these would come in right around the mid-level entry range for gaming headsets. This headset sounds like a $300 headset.
Versatile and Takes a Beating
I have owned my set for just over 2 years now. The headset is a bit heavier than you would expect, but it’s solid and it feels more solid than it looks. The ear cups are large enough to accommodate the biggest of ears, and they suction to your head just a bit. When I am wearing these babies, I can’t hear anything going on in my house, even when the volume is 10%.
The noise cancelation on the HyperX headphones as better cancelation than my Crutchfields. So if that is any indication, there you go. Those Crutchfields were almost a thousand dollars.
I can’t count the number of times I have dropped these headphones. There is actually a standing joke in our home about these HyperX Headphones. Over the past couple years, the family has gone through quite a few sets due to product failure, malfunction or simple not being able to take a knocking here or there.
A List of bad things that have happened to my HyperX Headphones – and they keep on working at pro performance levels:
They have been dropped on a carpet floor from a sitting position of about 3 feet at least 200 times.
They have been run over by an office chair on several occasions.
The cord (which is braided wire) has been run over many times by office chairs.
The dog took off down the road once with them. He took them all the way to the corner where a 5 year old ran them over with his new bicycle. (I can’t make this stuff up)
They have been thrown against a wall. No it wasn’t me raging. It was a child throwing a temper tantrum.
They have even been dunked in water. Okay, so how did this happen? The short version is, I was leaning over the tub trying to get the stopper to release so the water would drain after my child had gotten out. The HyperX headphones were cupped on my head around the temple area. So not firmly around my neck. Well, then it happened. Gravity won and they fell into the tub. I got them right out of course and after a couple of days drying in the hot sun, they surprisingly worked … still.
They have also been stepped on a few times.
These things surpass any other headset I have ever owned in the stress test department. Or should I say, the Real World department. Typical families can be brutal on gaming and computing hardware.
The fact that these things still work after all of that is amazing, and that is an understatement. The quality of the sound hasn’t changed one bit. The surround sound sounds more like 7.1, opposed to the 5.1 they advertise. The microphone also detaches in case you want to lay down and relax with some music. It’s a simple 3.5 mm jack. Just pops in and out. Easy as pie. The comfort factor on these things is a 9/10 for me. My children also love to wear these and call them the “secret headphones”. They say this because they think if they can’t hear anyone from inside there, no one outside can hear them either. The wire is very long and will easily accommodate you if playing a console in the living room.
The Downside
They don’t come with a USB adapter. They have a 3.55mm jack for both microphone and audio. This is something that you will have to purchase separately if you want to plug these into a usb connection on your PC/Mac or into an Xbox or PlayStation. You can usually get this adapter for $9.99 straight from the HyperX Website. Here is a link for ya! (Choose the Dual 3.5mm Extension Cable)
The HyperX headphones are the best headphones we have ever owned, bar none. They are sturdy and solid. The quality on these is noticeable at first sight. For the price of $50 – $80, it feels like I won because these things seem like a $300 headset.